Inside The Belly

Oh, don’t I know I reside within the belly of the beast? It’s a reality that’s all to irritating. Imagine me, in fetal position, within the steel cage of an atomic weapon.


Heading out for ‘brunch’ for a friend’s birthday today.  I hate the word ‘brunch’ but love the concept.  I think we need to come up with a better title for it.  Maybe we can refer to it as, ‘Morning Cap.’  Anything really is better than brunch.  The other problem with Brunch is that it usually happend around 11am or 12 noon… isn’t that lunch time already?  Why don’t we just call it ‘Lunch.’  Breakfast is usually around 7am or 8am, which would mean 9am or 10am would be brunch.. but we sleep until 10am and make it to ‘brunch’ around noon… It’s LUNCH!  If we need another name for it to justify drinking in the early hours of the day then we’re really just alcoholics who refuse to accept it.  Anyway, time for a mimosa!

Evil Steve, My Friend (1967-2012)

Evil SteveYesterday Steve Ventura, more commonly known by friends as Evil Steve, passed away at his home in Brooklyn.  Steve had a tattoo of HUNG on the back of his head.  I remember the first time I saw it very clearly… we were performing at Ace of Clubs back when that place was still around.  It wasn’t just a show, it was actually a showcase for Chris Adler (Lamb of God), Larry Mazer and a bunch of other industry folk.  We were the only band on the bill from New York City and packed the fucking place and a major reason why was the continuous effort by Evil Steve of promoting the band.

Anyway, as we were finalizing things on the stage, Steve ran up to me, shook my hand and yelled, Continue reading “Evil Steve, My Friend (1967-2012)”