Million Biker vs. Million Muslim March?

I’m clearly not up to speed on this million biker vs million muslim march thing that just happened. Correct me if I’m wrong from my Facebook education on this, but to my understanding, there was to be a million muslim march on Washington which was planned and they had a permit for and then a million bikers were supposed to go down there to stop it from happening even though they didn’t have a permit to have any kind of organized event?  Continue reading “Million Biker vs. Million Muslim March?”

The Eleventh Of September; Twelve Years After The Destruction Of Our Ignorant Innocence

Twelve years ago today I woke up, still ‘intoxicated’ from the night before, to my mother coming into my room saying, “Wake up, we’re under attack.” I remember lifting my head to the window and pushing the curtain aside to see what was going on outside. I saw nothing. I turned on the tv to see that a plane had flown into the world trade center and it was burning. I watched for a bit to see live when the second plane hit. It was in that moment that I remember this invincible feeling I had my entire life sucked out of my body.  The world stood still for me in that moment. Continue reading “The Eleventh Of September; Twelve Years After The Destruction Of Our Ignorant Innocence”

A New Expression? A Re-Introduction To Myself.

I guess today I am deciding to actually fire up this blog?  I own so many outlets but nothing is really set in stone as a place for me to write my opinion on…. everything.  I suppose I would link out from here to things I might publish elsewhere but for the most part, I will probably use this as my forum to voice my own ignorant opinions on everything that doesn’t otherwise have a designated place.

A new expression?   Continue reading “A New Expression? A Re-Introduction To Myself.”