A New Challenge

(This was originally written as a Facebook post but then it got too long. It still reads like one.) In 2009 the legal department at Sony Music took a chance and hired me to help conceptualize and build a Quality Assurance team to integrate with the D2C group there in an effort to both help regulate the legalities of Sony Music across the products offered, and to ensure a better product was being produced. Over the years we built a formidable team and contributed to some really fantastic projects that, even though years later they are a bit outdated, I still look back on and think, “wow, we did that!”  Continue reading “A New Challenge”

Understanding Israel & Palestine. What The Fuck Is Going On Over There?

There is an impossible to ignore conflict going on in the middle east right now between Israel and Palestine.  For many years I have blindly sided with Israel because I was raised a Jew and an American and that’s just what we do.  In light of the recent events, a lot of people I respect and organizations I follow have been outspoken against Israel and what’s happening in Gaza.

Because of my respect for those who have been speaking out and my blind support being self-admittedly less-than credible, I decided that I would take an objective look into the history of the state, the creation of the modern Israel and the details of the current conflict.  I am not a scientist but I do know fact from opinion. These are my notes on trying to get the real story. Continue reading “Understanding Israel & Palestine. What The Fuck Is Going On Over There?”

“I Love You Very Much, You Know That. No Matter What Happens.”

It’s a bittersweet sentence said to me by my grandmother the last time I would see her in person which would be little more than a half a year before her death.  I have agonized over that sentence from the moment she said it until the moment I got the news that she had passed.  Not a day has gone by where I haven’t though about that woman, sitting there in the living room of my mother’s house knowing that her time was coming to an end.  I can barely handle typing about it now.  Continue reading ““I Love You Very Much, You Know That. No Matter What Happens.””