A New Challenge

(This was originally written as a Facebook post but then it got too long. It still reads like one.) In 2009 the legal department at Sony Music took a chance and hired me to help conceptualize and build a Quality Assurance team to integrate with the D2C group there in an effort to both help regulate the legalities of Sony Music across the products offered, and to ensure a better product was being produced. Over the years we built a formidable team and contributed to some really fantastic projects that, even though years later they are a bit outdated, I still look back on and think, “wow, we did that!” 

In 2013 I left to move to Finland and I was happy to find out that the head of the team in Germany wanted to ‘steal me’. They created a Producer role for me there and during my stay in Finland thus far I have been a part of the Client Services team in Berlin servicing clients in many territories from around the world. I have worked on some really interesting projects and had a unique set of challenges in this role that have given me an opportunity to learn quite a bit about our clients and look at our company from a different angle. It has been a fascinating and eye-opening journey!

Last week I accepted an offer to become a Senior Producer at a leading marketing agency here in Helsinki. This company has an array of clients and partners such as Microsoft, Oracle, Adobe, ExactTarget, Rovio, Nissan and many, many others. I am really excited to be joining forces with an eclectic group who, in my opinion, have a truly outside-the-box way of doing things… much like myself.

I have been with Sony for nearly five years now and have had the honor of working with some amazing people.  Some I have butted heads with over the years (as strong-headed people do), and some would be drinking buddies who we complain about day-to-day nothings with. Regardless of my personal relationships with them, there is no lack of talent in the ranks of the teams there.

I look to my professional future and I see an opportunity to contribute creatively and with strong enthusiasm for developing innovative technology in the digital space. I see a chance to have a major role in the future of a company that is doing a variety of things that are truly cutting edge. So as I close one chapter and turn the page to a new one I feel I have left a positive mark where I was able and now I get to take on a new set of challenges.

I’m excited to see where this new path goes.