A World vs. The Pope: Is The Old Bearded Guy In The Sky Mad At Francis, Or Just Some Old Bearded Guy In A Robe On The Ground?

Catholics are attacking their infallible leader. I can’t help but be entertained. He doesn’t do or say what you want him to and therefore he’s not a good pope? Do these people not realize their story of Jesus was that of a person doing considerably more liberal things than what the Catholic church leader is currently doing?

My hope is that the whole thing will cave in on itself. The religious extremists in the world will realize they’re simply bigots using the idea of a god to oppress minorities and will suddenly lose the soap box they stand on to preach their jaded morals by not knowing where they should draw the line with their attacks. Will they go after the justification for their beliefs, and in their own minds disprove its foundation because they are to blind to see they are being steered by the preachings of their own personal evils? Will they even realize once they do?

I will not side with a religious figure since my own belief system has a commandment that reads, “The Catholic Church is fucking evil.” I think if religion must exist in this world, the mandates of that religion should not be about who should fuck whom, who should go to heaven or hell, who should do this or that to ensure salvation. No, that’s all bullshit. These people who are telling others what they can and can’t do should [listen to me tell them what to do and] address real world problems like hunger, homelessness, oppression, slavery… and also some things that are going on outside the US.

If those who are strong believers of a faith were doing more positive instead of focusing on the the negative (and being selective about what negative parts of the bible they feel like enforcing today) then I might not have such ill feelings toward them. Okay, maybe I would, but I wouldn’t be filled with rage every time I see or hear the word ‘God’, and I think that would be a step in the right direction for everyone.

So when you have a pope who is deliberately making an effort to take things in a direction of helping some people and being a bit kinder after generations of hate, oppression and murder at the hands of a massively scary religious institution, I welcome the change.

Now if they could just stop believing there is a magical man floating in the sky who created the earth some 5,500 years ago, believes keeping slaves and oppressing women is okay, that we should be stoned for mixing fabrics together, or killed for talking back to our parents, that would be great.  One step at a time I suppose.