“I Love You Very Much, You Know That. No Matter What Happens.”

It’s a bittersweet sentence said to me by my grandmother the last time I would see her in person which would be little more than a half a year before her death.  I have agonized over that sentence from the moment she said it until the moment I got the news that she had passed.  Not a day has gone by where I haven’t though about that woman, sitting there in the living room of my mother’s house knowing that her time was coming to an end.  I can barely handle typing about it now.  Continue reading ““I Love You Very Much, You Know That. No Matter What Happens.””


One year ago today I arrived in a different part of the world, ready to take on new challenges and seek new adventures.   I left a city full of friends, bands and places that I love, a country that my family calls home, and a lifestyle that I was used to.  Three weeks later I had moved into a new apartment in Helsinki, Finland, got married, started a new job and found myself sitting on the bank of the river Spree in Berlin, Germany thinking to myself, “wow.”  I honestly still can’t believe how many major life changes happened in such a short period of time.  ‘Rip the band-aid off’ as they say…  Continue reading “A YEAR IN FINLAND”

A World vs. The Pope: Is The Old Bearded Guy In The Sky Mad At Francis, Or Just Some Old Bearded Guy In A Robe On The Ground?

Catholics are attacking their infallible leader. I can’t help but be entertained. He doesn’t do or say what you want him to and therefore he’s not a good pope? Do these people not realize their story of Jesus was that of a person doing considerably more liberal things than what the Catholic church leader is currently doing? Continue reading “A World vs. The Pope: Is The Old Bearded Guy In The Sky Mad At Francis, Or Just Some Old Bearded Guy In A Robe On The Ground?”

The Death Of An Actor

Paul Walker is an actor and he is dead. This is terrible for his family and my sincerest condolences go out to them. Facebook, Twitter & all forms of modern micro-blogging are a-glow with the world coming together to share their pain.  Yesterday, 20,864 people died of starvation. Today 20,864 are dying of starvation. Tomorrow 20,864 will die of starvation. Continue reading “The Death Of An Actor”

Observations After Living In Finland For Four Months

Pussi.  Sounds offensive right?  The word ‘pussi’ means ‘bag’ in the Finnish language.    You can imagine how often you will hear it in common conversation.  Every time you’re at the supermarket or every time you’re shopping for… well, anything.  For Finns it’s nothing to say pussi this or pussi that, but for this foreigner it still grabs my attention every time I hear it.  Imagine a mother talking to her child in the store about packing the groceries…

The language is pretty fun and interesting at times and that description applies to my overall Finnish experience so far.  I decided to put this post together because there are some significant differences to what I am used to and I thought it would be fun to document a few. That and I haven’t posted much about my experience and I have to start somewhere!  Continue reading “Observations After Living In Finland For Four Months”


…Yes, and other things I know.  And my point is not to say guns are bad, even though they are meant for killing.  We all know the issue in the United States where some tens of thousands of people are killed every year by gun violence and I’d like to take a moment to talk about why pretty much everyone is wrong when it comes to this topic.  Continue reading “GUNS DON’T KILL PEOPLE, PEOPLE KILL PEOPLE, WITH GUNS.”

The Anger & The Message

I am still not 100% sure of the sound, the angle, the players, the setup, the equipment or anything logistical or tangible about Sam Ruin.  But there are indeed two things that I know for a fact.

I realize this morning that the reason I feel so motivated to play right now is that I am angry.  I’m not talking about angst ridden teen angry.  I am talking about, “It’s time for a fucking revolution” angry.  The type of anger that makes people motivated to die fighting for something.  This is the type of anger that causes some to change their course in life.  And it is this anger that I now feel.  Continue reading “The Anger & The Message”