Million Biker vs. Million Muslim March?

I’m clearly not up to speed on this million biker vs million muslim march thing that just happened. Correct me if I’m wrong from my Facebook education on this, but to my understanding, there was to be a million muslim march on Washington which was planned and they had a permit for and then a million bikers were supposed to go down there to stop it from happening even though they didn’t have a permit to have any kind of organized event? 

If this is actually the case, are we assuming that bikers cannot be muslim? Are we assuming that muslims are not Americans and there is some reason for them to not get to make their voices heard? What is the deal here?

Among the numerous major issues in America is the ignorance of some its own people.  Americans are Americans and the country of nearly no native blood is going to need to figure out how to get along internally.  With a common enemy so obvious to the people (the gov’t) there really shouldn’t be any internal bickering.  But the idea that anyone would stop a march on Washington simply because of their belief is ridiculous.  It’s prejudice in one of its most obvious forms.

If you’re going to protest against a religion, you should protest against all religions.  It’s ignorant across the board.  But you can’t just pick one that you don’t like and try to stop those people from having a voice in America.  You’re just being an asshole.  So that said, maybe someone can bring me up to speed on what was actually going on here?  Am I totally off?

I’m posting this on Facebook, if I feel like it maybe I’ll post some comment if anyone feels motivated to explain it to me.