The Anger & The Message

I am still not 100% sure of the sound, the angle, the players, the setup, the equipment or anything logistical or tangible about Sam Ruin.  But there are indeed two things that I know for a fact.

I realize this morning that the reason I feel so motivated to play right now is that I am angry.  I’m not talking about angst ridden teen angry.  I am talking about, “It’s time for a fucking revolution” angry.  The type of anger that makes people motivated to die fighting for something.  This is the type of anger that causes some to change their course in life.  And it is this anger that I now feel. 

I am furious, and it is with this fury that I am now starting to feel truly motivated to create music.  I have been writing songs and playing along with others for a long time, but it hasn’t been with this type of anger in many years.  When we are young, we’re angry at the world.  We find things to be angry at and we attack.  I have always used music as my weapon, or at least that’s all I’ll ever say out loud about it, but it would always be the music that I would use to try to make change.

Now, as an adult, I am angry once again.  I am angry at a system in the United States filled with elitist rich people who control the majority.  The majority thinks they have picked these people.  The majority are sold a message and will die defending it, even though it is not their message.  It is a profound ignorance that for some reason no one seems to recognize.  Has the lack of education really created a thickness this deep?  Has the media really been able to seize control of people’s lives in such a horrific way that they can’t even think for themselves anymore?

There are many questions, but the answers are not on television.  The answers are behind the pointy end of a stick that we must use to take back reality.  The blissfully ignorant American people don’t understand how bad off they truly are, and the worst part is that they don’t want to risk knowing it for fear of being unhappy about the situation!  It is a fucked up, viscous cycle that needs to be stopped.  People are literally dying because of this ignorance and it’s time to do something about it.

This anger I now have is driven in part by the brief outline of a cause I noted above, and is a main piece of the message I feel I must deliver.  Like a signal in the sky I must reach out my hand to see if anyone understands the situation like I do, or are they all fucking lost?  My fear is that most are, but I will make an attempt to find those who understand and start spreading the message.

If ever there was a time to protect freedom, it is when you realize that you do not have freedom.  I need to formulate the message, and need to write the music, and I need to spread the word.  The time is now.